Dr. Joseph E. Bolin, Dean

Collinsworth School of Music
California Baptist University

Imagine a spiritually vibrant community where students can receive top-tier musical, academic, professional, and personal preparation for a variety of diverse musical careers … this is the vision of the Collinsworth School of Music at California Baptist University.

With an educational environment distinguished by rigorous scholarship, rich musical diversity, vibrant teaching, a prolific performance culture (featuring over 300 concert performances annually), and a strong emphasis on the building of personal and professional character, the School of Music at CBU stands as a unique academic institution, dedicated to inspiring students to the highest standards of musical craft and personal character, preparing them for success as performers, composers, music educators, worship leaders, and studio artists.

Housed in the beautiful, state-of-the-art JoAnn Hawkins Building in the center of CBU’s resort-style campus, the Collinsworth School of Music offers fully accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees in performance (vocal, piano, and instrumental), music education, composition, worship arts, and undergraduate degrees in commercial music and studio production. Complimentary minors and concentrations range from Opera/Musical Theater to Jazz Studies to Worship Arts and Ministry. In addition to its music degree programs, the school currently boasts over 450 students participating in 15 stylistically-diverse ensembles which specialize in repertoire ranging from choral and orchestra art music, opera, chamber music, and band repertoire, to jazz, world music, pop and studio singing, gospel, modern worship, and inspirational worship choirs and ensembles. This breadth of musical experience is in concert with a vision of training not only excellent, but versatile, musicians. A vision that requires, along with a comprehensive focus on Western art music, the weaving of a diverse tapestry of musical styles into all its programs without compromise in order to most effectively prepare future artists for what awaits them in the contemporary marketplace of professional musicians.

If you are looking to turn your artistic passion into a musical career and are searching for a challenging, diverse, and supportive academic institution to prepare for your future, I invite you to explore the Collinsworth School of Music at California Baptist University! Scholarships are currently available for music majors and non-music majors alike. Click here to schedule an audition during one of our audition weekends… or simply contact us at 951.343.4251 or to schedule a personal audition or a university visit.

And, at any time, if you have questions regarding one of our programs or the process of auditioning and applying, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and our team in the offices of the Collinsworth School. We would love the opportunity to dialogue further and explore how the Collinsworth School can partner with you to advance your career objectives.