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You have a voice—a distinctive voice that sounds like no one else. This distinctive voice is your greatest strength. It is the tool that will cut your path as a professional musician; it is the conduit for communicating real emotion in your performance; it is the thing that will enable you to connect deeply with members of the audience.

Chances are, you haven’t yet found your distinctive voice, and that’s OK. Finding your sound takes time, effort, repetition, and above all else, personal maturation. Finding your voice is a process that involves not only identifying your talent, but also learning to bring that talent under control—understanding its scope, where it is best applied, where your sweet spot lies.

At the Collinsworth School of Music, we are dedicated to helping you find your self. Through a rigorous performance schedule, participation in a wide range of ensembles and intense study with talented professors, you will find your voice, understand its effect on diverse audiences, how it can contribute to an ensemble, and how it can stand on its own. And you will do so in an environment that both challenges you to improve and nurtures your professional and artistic development.

We’re not interested in producing graduates who all sound the same. We want our students to go out into the world sounding like the best versions of their true artistic selves.

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