Why CBU?

Because you want to be challenged to be your best as a musician and as a person.

The Collinsworth School of Music at CBU offers exceptional training within a premier Christian educational environment for those interested in composition, performance and teaching.

Collinsworth stands apart from other music schools by its distinctive approach to bringing out the musical and personal best of its students. As a Collinsworth student, you will:

Perform early, often and in as many different venues as possible.
You’ll start performing during your first month on campus and continue until you graduate. During that time, you’ll perform with a wide range of ensembles for different audiences and at varied venues. The result? You’ll gain confidence and adaptability in diverse settings that will prepare you for anything you choose to do after graduation.

Learn to connect with your audience. 
Connecting with an audience is a skill that is honed through practice and performance. So that’s what we do: practice and perform. A lot. With each performance comes a unique opportunity to use your God-given gifts to connect with—and communicate meaning to—your audience. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to connect with any audience, anywhere.

Be inspired.
Our programs are designed to make you the best musician you can be, regardless of your starting point. Through a demanding concert and rehearsal schedule, you will be compelled to find your fullest potential. Along the way, you’ll be inspired by your peers, your professors and your performances to continue to perfect your craft.

Study with highly regarded, student-centric faculty.
Your professors in the Collinsworth School of Music are incredible musicians, conductors and composers. But above all else, they’re outstanding people who will challenge and support you as you hone your musical skills.

Join a strong community of talented musicians.
When you study, live and perform in a community of dedicated musicians, you can’t help but get better.  We attract a talented assortment of vocal and instrumental performers, composers and educators who worship together in a rigorous performance schedule. In the process, our students develop a bond built on a shared commitment to quality as they learn to support each other within the worship and ministry of the group.

Learn more about the history and mission of the Collinsworth School of Music.