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Small Group

Small Group

You might be thinking, “I know what music majors do; they make music.” You would be right, but music majors—CBU music majors, at least—do so much more than use their instrument.

Music majors at CBU communicate with one another—on stage and in the classroom. They listen: to what the songs they’re perfecting are trying to say, to the other instruments in their ensemble, to the other voices in their choir. They hear beauty in a chord change or a crescendo, and they understand that, if performed correctly and with enough emotion, they can convey that beauty to the untrained ears of audience members.

Music majors grapple with the idea that we live in a time in which people are concerned about how they will support themselves with a music degree. In response to that concern, music majors investigate ways they can continue to pursue their passion and talent for music after they graduate. In other words, music majors prepare: for lives as musicians and teachers and worship leaders, as conductors and engineers and producers.

But music majors at CBU aren’t all work and no play. They still find time to attend Midnight Madness, the Yule Festival and the Lancer Cup, or participate in one of CBU’s 45 student organizations or explore Riverside with friends.

In fact, every experience our music majors share together strengthens their bonds as musicians and friends, and contributes to the close-knit community we’ve created here. So, what do music majors do? Everything they possibly can.

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