Worship Arts and Ministry

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

While degrees in worship leadership exist in Christian universities nationwide, CBU’s worship program stands with distinction as unique and innovative. Developed by a team of church and worship industry leaders including Travis Cottrell, Mike Harland, Tommy Walker, Travis Ryan, Anthony Evans, Don Koch, Cliff Duren, John Bolin, Rick Muchow and others, this degree program has been designed to fully equip the 21st-century worship leader for success in the highly eclectic worship culture of the modern evangelical church.

Diversity of Style

A hallmark of CBU’s Worship Arts and Ministry degree is to develop students to be proficient in a vast array of musical styles and technical arts, preparing them for success day one in whatever culture or church the Lord calls them. As the Church in America attempts to connect with existing and emerging subcultures through worship style, the musical skill-set of the worship leader / pastor must be increasingly diverse. In addition, today’s worship leader is called upon to incorporate an expansive palate of technical (AVL), studio production, and even theatrical elements in each worship experience. CBU’s objective is to prepare future worship leaders to be competent in a multitude of styles — from modern band-driven to choir and/or orchestra models, from hymnody and liturgy to multi-cultural music — equipping them to utilize these eclectic styles individually, or in concert, to create a coherent, unified, and powerful worship experience.

Depth of Preparation

One of the most exciting dimensions of the Worship Arts and Ministry degree is its focus on training men and women to be successful pastoral and professional leaders in the church. It isn’t enough for the modern worship leader to be a skillful musician or have a strong platform presence. The role requires skills as a leader, pastor, counselor, administrator, motivator, organizer, manager, theologian, and communicator. With a strong concentration on personal character, pastoral skills, and professional aptitudes, this program draws from a cross-section of disciplines to prepare students to be strong and wise leaders as they manage resources, projects, and the people the Lord has placed in their sphere of influence.

Clarity of Purpose

The call of the worship leader is the call of a servant. Worship leaders are to be individuals who disown self-glory and self-preference and lay down their lives to serve the body of Christ through the mission of facilitating authentic, sprit-filled, corporate worship in the house of God. Through emphasizing theological foundations of worship in the church, the calling of a shepherd, and through an extensive internship/mentorship program through church plants and influential church bodies nationwide, CBU prioritizes preparing the hearts of worship leaders to assume their role as servants in the example of Christ.

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