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Welcome to The Collinsworth School of Music from Collinsworth School of Music on Vimeo.

Collinsworth ClassroomWhen young musicians dream about performing, the dream often involves a solo—a chance to showcase their talents and receive attention and adoration from the audience.

There’s nothing wrong with that dream; well-executed solos bring great joy to the performer and the audience. But there’s a different, more complex joy that comes from being a member of an ensemble.

It’s the joy that’s born from playing with a group of musicians, of working together to convey something that you couldn’t possibly achieve on your own. It’s the joy that accompanies being part of something bigger than yourself.

And though you won’t receive the same kind of individual attention in an ensemble, you still have the same responsibility to the music, to yourself and to the audience: You have to listen to the other people in your group, be mindful of how your part contributes to the piece of music as a whole, watch your conductor and be aware of how your fellow musicians are performing.

It sounds like a lot to master, and it is. But as a student in the Collinsworth School of Music, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in an ensemble every semester. In fact, it’s required. By the time you graduate, you’ll understand that there’s a great difference between an ensemble and a group of individuals, and that’s a lesson you can apply to any work environment, regardless of which profession you choose.


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